Fisher & Paykel Zest Q Nasal Mask System with Headgear

Fisher & Paykel Zest Q Nasal Mask System with Headgear

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With The Fisher & Paykel Zest Q Nasal Mask, the rest is Easy. The Zest Q focuses on minimizing partner disturbance and ensuring a better sleep life. The F&P Zest Q includes the proven Fisher & Paykel features and benefits, and with the Advanced Air Diffuser, it's quieter than ever.  

The F&P Zest Q range of nasal masks offer an over-the-nose solution that fits better, feels lighter and, as always, is easier to use.  The most unique feature is how quiet it is. Fisher & Paykel refined the design of the air diffuser to minimize the sound associated with exhalation. The changes to the air diffuser reduce partner disturbances making for a better night's sleep. Unique to F&P masks, FlexiFit Technology offers an auto-contouring fit using a two-part cushion.The foam cushion provides support and contours to the face while the outer silicone cushion helps to prevent leaks. The glider strap anti-leak system allows for freedom of movement and maintains the seal, even when turning from side to side.

The Zest Q headgear is designed to offer support and maintain a firm seal while still being comfortable. The glider clip strap release makes removing the mask easy and maintains the headgear adjustments. The headgear of the Zest Q is latex free, as are all other headgear by Fisher & Paykel. Available with petite, standard, or plus size cushion and seal.

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