Resmed Quattro Air for Her Full Face Mask System with Headgear

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Prescription Required

The ResMed Quattro Air For Her Full Face Mask offers a petite size and stylish tones, making it the perfect choice for women seeking a smaller, lighter CPAP mask. As one of the smallest masks on the market today, the sleek, lightweight design offers supreme comfort and minimal facial impact. The entire mask is made up of just four parts. 

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Product Details

The ResMed Quattro™ Air for Her is one of the lightest full face CPAP mask on the market weighing in at just 3.3 ounces and is specially designed for a woman's facial structure. The Quattro™ Air for Her is built for comfort and convenience, with only four pieces desgined with lighteight materials, makes it so much easier for cleaning and maintenance. The four parts include the headgear, cushion frame and elbow. The molded frame has headgear loops for quick attachment of the headgear straps. The elbow easily snaps on and off the frame using squeeze tabs. The open design of the frame holds and supports the cushion with limited facial contact. Available in extra small, small,and medium sizes.

Product Features

SpringAir Cushion

Quarttro Air For Her has ResMed's dual wall cushion design featuring Spring Air Technology helping to reduce facial pressure and enhance the seal. The cushion is lightweight and flexible and offers a greater level of comfort at the bridge of the nose. The mask cushion inflates with the air flow creating a seal between the it and the face. 

SoftEdge Headgear

All sizes of the Quattro Air For Her mask come packaged with the size small SoftEdge headgear with a soft pink lining. The headgear has a unique texture and feel to support the fit and seal in comfort. The headgear should be worn loosely allowing the dual wall cushion to evenly distribute the pressure. Connect the headgear to the mask by slipping the headgear over the hook loops on the side of the frame. Once the headgear fit is set, just slip it into place for use.

Quiet Vent & Quick Elbow Release

ResMed's design makes the Quattro Air For Her easy to use and maintain. The single piece elbow is fully rotating with a swivel at the hose connection to help avoid torque on the mask and seal during movement. The quick release tabs allow the user to quickly snap the elbow on and off the mask frame for cleaning. The circular vent is designed to gently diffuse air away from the user and bed partners.

Flex-Wing Forehead Support

ResMed's flex-wing forehead support offers the stability needed to maintain the seal with limited contact to the face. It flexes into optimal position without using forehead pads and only the headgear touches the forehead. The frame of the Quattro Air is sized to fit the size of the cushion.

Product FAQs

How do I choose the right mask for me?

We’ve created multiple different categories that allow you to shop our mask selection based on your sleep patterns. If you would like assistance in selecting the best mask for you, feel free to call us at 888.881.3991.


What do I do if the mask I’ve selected isn’t working for me?

Our risk-free mask policy gives you 30 days to return your mask at no cost to you. Don’t give up after just a night or two though. Every mask is different and it will take some time to get used to the fit. Try out your mask for several days. If after giving it a chance, you still don’t like it, simple return it and select a new one. We’re here to help! Call us if your having trouble finding the perfect fit! 888.881.3991.


What are the different types of options?

There are three primary types of masks. Full Face, Nasal, and Nasal Pillows.

Full masks cover the nose and mouth and are the best choice for mouth breathers.

Nasal masks fit over the nose, covering the areas from the bridge of the nose down to the upper lip. The nasal cushion serves as an air pocket inflating with air which leads to a more natural breathing experience.

Nasal pillow masks are compact and lightweight with minimal facial contact. Two small cushions fit into or around the nostrils and direct airflow into the nose.


How often should I clean my mask?

You should clean your mask every day, or after each use. You should clean your headgear and tubing every week.

You should hand wash your mask and headgear by gently rubbing in warm water with mild soap. All components should be rinsed well with drinking-quality water and allowed to air dry out of direct sunlight.

Automated cleaning systems and cleaning wipes are great alternatives as long as you are using them regularly.


I’m not getting a good seal without making my mask really tight. Did I get the right size?

Needing to over-tighten your mask may mean you have the wrong cushion size or headgear. Call us and we’ll help you figure it out! 888.881.3991.


I can’t seem to get my mask to stop leaking. What should I do?

There are several reasons that your mask may be leaking. You may be using the wrong size cushion size or headgear. It’s also possible that you have chosen a mask style that doesn’t work for your facial contours or sleep patterns. Or, it your mask parts may simply be worn and need to be replaced. We can help you figure out what the problem might be by calling us at 888.881.3991.


How often should I replace my mask and parts?

Worn out parts can render your CPAP therapy ineffective so it’s important that you regularly replace your mask and parts. We recommend you replace these items based on the below schedule:

Mask System – Every 3 months

Cushions and Pillows – 1-2 times per month

Headgear – Every 6 months

Chinstrap – Every 6 months


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