Philips Respironics Dreamstation Go Travel Auto CPAP


Prescription Required

Philips Respironics is proud to present one of the lightest, smallest and most travel friendly CPAP machines for patients who need sleep therapy. The DreamStation Go Travel machine comes with an extremely sleek design allowing it to be packed easily and discreetly for travels. The CPAP machine also has fewer components when compared to other PAPs from the same range and DreamStation Go allows patients to enjoy the same quality and comfort of treatment they are used to. 

Please fax a copy of your prescription to 1.800.943.1795 or email it to  You may also upload a copy of your prescription during the account creation process or upload it in the Account Information section of your account profile.

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Product Details

Designed with traveling patient needs in mind, the Philips Resprionics DreamStation Go is a product of over 30 years of sleep therapy innovation. The discreet, slim-profile device weighs less than two pounds and features a built-in power supply that helps to limit the number of components to pack. Philips’ innovative, new 12mm micro-flexible tubing continues the compact trend across the holistic system, minimizing bulk while improving mobility and comfort. The device comes packed with an extremely powerful performance, USB port for all your devices on the go. The DreamStation Go Travel complies with all FAA requirements regarding in-flight use of the CPAP equipment and comes with a highly intuitive colored touchscreen allowing for a quick and very simple setup and operation of the device. The CPAP is equipped with an auto ramp feature which will help reducing the air pressure when you are trying to fall asleep. Ramp will gradually increase pressure to the prescribed levels after the ramp time is up. The feature helps you fall asleep in a more comfortable manner, allowing you to breath against a very gentle pressure until you fall asleep. When the time is up, the machine will gradually return to the required pressure settings.

Product Features

Built In USB

There is an integrated USB port on the side of the Dreamstation Go Travel CPAP to make it even more travel-friendly. Instead of needing two power outlets to plug in the CPAP and a phone charger, the CPAP can be plugged in to the wall and a phone or other USB powered device plugged directly into the CPAP to be powered.

Touch Screen Display

The DreamStation Go features a touch screen which is used to view and change all settings. This eliminates the need for knobs or buttons found on other machines. The menus are navigated by swiping and pressing the screen as needed.

12mm Flexible Tubing

Included with the DreamStation Go is a new, very slim 12mm tube. Traditional "Slim" tubes are 15mm, making this 12mm tube even slimmer and easier to pack. The tube snaps easily onto the port of the DreamStation Go and is compatible with any CPAP mask. You can also use a 15mm or 22mm hose with the machine if desired, simply adjust the hose setting in the menu.

Flexible Pressure

Now a mainstay amongst Respironics machines, the DreamStation Go includes flex pressure relief. The flex setting allows additional comfort by decreasing the CPAP pressure during exhalation, making it easier to breathe out against the machine and promoting a more natural breathing feeling.

Product Specifications

What’s Included

DreamStation Go Auto CPAP

6 foot long 12mm Micro-Flex tube

Power Cord (6' long)

Reusable Filter

User Manual


Product Dimensions

Machine:  5.94 in L x 5.94 in W x 2.32 in H

Power cord:  6 ft


Products Weight

Machine:  1.86 lb

Manufacturer Information:

Manufacturer:  Philips Respironics

Manufacturer Sku:  DSG500S11

Manufacturer Warranty:  2 years

Electrical Requirements:  100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0-1.0 A


Recommended Replacement Schedule

Mask: every 3-6 months or as needed

Tubing: every 3-6 months are as needed

Reusable Pollen Filters:  every 3 months

Product FAQs

What masks can I use with the DreamStation Go?

The DreamStation Go comes with a micro flex tubing that is 12 mm but it also comes with a connector for a standard 22 mm tube. This means the DreamStation Go is compatible with any CPAP mask.


Does The DreamStation Go come with a portable battery?

No.  The DreamStation Go has a built in power source and wil come with an external power cord and must be plugged in for use.


Can I use my DreamStation Go on an airplane?

Yes, the DreamStation Go is FAA approved and can be brought on an airplane as carry-on.


Can I use my DreamStation Go every night?

Absolutely. The DreamStation Go was designed with a useful life of over 5 years of nightly use.


Does the DreamStation Go automatically adjust for changes in altitude?

Yes. DreamStation Go will automatically compensate therapeutic pressure to altitudes of up to 7,500 ft.


Is the DreamStation Go FAA compliant?

Yes.  The DreamStation Go Travel complies with all FAA requirements regarding traveling with and in-flight use of the CPAP equipment.


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