Ready to Take Your Test? Here's How!

LifeRested has made taking a home sleep test even easier. Using the lightweight, innovative WatchPAT One device to measure seven important factors, we can quickly and accurately discover if you have sleep apnea.

When you’re ready to take your home sleep test, make sure you have these four things:

1. Your WatchPAT ONE device

2. Your smartphone

3. Internet access

4. A PIN code provided by LifeRested

Now, you’re ready to set it up! Before you begin, download the WatchPAT ONE app from the Google or Apple store and accept the permissions so your phone can collect the information required.

Setup is easy: press the “Preview” button to take a short tour of what you’re about to do. After you insert the battery, enter your PIN code, which will be the month and year of your birth. (For example, if you were born in May 1972, your PIN will be 0572.)

Next, follow the prompts on the screen. Those prompts will tell you to:

1.Put on the wrist device. Be sure it fits comfortably without being too tight or too loose.
2.Next, attach the chest sensor, which has a self-adhesive back, below your sternal notch.
3.Place the index finger of your non-dominant hand into the probe and remove the tab to activate it.
4.You’re set! Make sure the phone is no more than 15 feet from your bed and press “Start Recording.”
5.Go to sleep.

It’s that simple! In the morning when you get out of bed, all you have to do is press the “End Recording” button on your phone. Once your device finishes uploading your information, you’ll receive a “Thank You” message and you can press the “Close Application” button.

You’ve now completed your home sleep test, and your testing data will automatically be uploaded to a board certified sleep physician.

There’s no need to return the WatchPAT ONE device, so you can simply throw it away once you’re done. Once your test results have been received and interpreted, a member of the LifeRested team will contact you to schedule a time to review your results.

Tips and Reminders

Avoid using hand cream or lotion before taking the test.

Trim the nail on your designated probe finger (any finger but the thumb).

Remove all jewelry and accessories before taking the test.

Make sure your phone is plugged into the wall socket while using the WatchPAT ONE device. It must stay plugged in all night for the test to continue.

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