Fisher & Paykel Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow Mask Adjustable & Stretchwise Headgear


This Philips Respironics package includes two Pilairo Headgear options: Adjustable Pilairo Headgear for a secure, highly adjustable fit; and single strap StretchWise Headgear for an automatic, minimalist fit. Adjustable Pilairo Headgear is soft, lightweight, ergonomically designed, breathable, and most of all comfortable! With an adjustable halo strap at the back of the head and two adjustable side straps, Adjustable Headgear is highly customizable to fit a wide range of users. It should be worn without over tightening to ensure that the AirPillow seal can inflate naturally against the face. StretchWise Pilairo Headgear offers a stable, minimalist design with an unobtrusive, low profile fit. It's made from soft, latex-free elasticized thread with intelligent-stretch properties. StretchWise headgear comes in one convenient size to fit a wide range of users. The headgear automatically customizes to the wearer; no manual adjustments are necessary and it won't leave marks on the face.

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