Fall Asleep Faster Deluxe Sleep Bundle

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Limited Quantites Available!  Regularly priced at $132.99.

Do you go to bed tired, then spend time tossing and turning until you fall asleep? If so, this bundle will knock you out!

Our Deluxe Fall Asleep Faster Bundle includes:

  • Quick release melatonin sleep tablets to help you nod off quickly
  • A sound machine that you can set to your choice of soothing sleep-friendly sounds
  • A luxury memory foam anti-fatigue sleep mask (with soothing hot and cold gel inserts) to help shut out the rest of the world while you nod off
  • An essential oil aromatherapy spray of sleep-friendly lavender and chamomile to help you relax
  • Blue light blocking glasses help you relax and fall asleep faster at night

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