Delivering more than great sleep

At LifeRested, we have a mission to do more than deliver great sleep. We're a sleep company with a passion to help everyone live a healthier and more rested life. We focus on providing a wide variety of tools to help you get rest. Those tools include educational resources. inspiration through stories and solutions provided by our ongoing support.

 Convenient Care

Life is already complicated, that’s why we’ve made becoming more rested as easy as possible. We help save time by eliminating the need to schedule appointments or going back and forth with your insurance company.

You can order your sleep test online; we'll help you schedule a telemedicine appointment at a time that's best for you — and our team will be with you each step of the way.

For your telemedicine appointment, select your doctor of choice — male or female — and a convenient time to complete your appointment. That means there is no need to disrupt your work or family schedule. The appointment is completely confidential and can be done from any mobile device or computer. The licensed sleep specialist will discuss your medical history and learn more about your sleep patterns and challenges and give you advice on the next steps to take to a life well rested.

If CPAP therapy is recommended, our respiratory therapist will walk you through your results and suggested treatment options that are best for you.

Partners for Life

Our goal is to be your sleep partner for life. We’re not going to just sell you a product and then vanish. Our team truly believes in the transformative power of sleep, so we’re in this with you for the long haul. Your journey has just begun, so let us help pave the way.

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